Stephen’s Heart Note 3.11.19

Welcome to the FUTURE! The Annual Spring Forward time change has the unpleasant lurching effect to our winter rhythms. Hope you experience great rest this week as the days lengthen and warmer dispositions emerge!  Round #2 with our book discussion: The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni (short overview of book via Bookpal) In this businessRead more

Stephen’s Heart Note 3.18.19

Good Morning,  Please forgive the delay! Sarah, Boaz, and I are with a family team from Victory Life Church on a short-term mission trip in Oklahoma City at the Dream Center/Inner City Church. We speak grace to handle this new week, and peace in all your conversations be multiplied on you and your family.  FinalRead more

The Healer

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Everyday if we have ears to hear, Father GOD will speak to you concerning what you are facing that day or prepare you for what is coming. As we  face various trails either relational or situational , we can be hard pressed but never crushed for Holy SPIRIT that dwells in us is full of GOD’sRead more

The Great Comfort

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Greetings my dear readers! We have received two and half inches of rain the past 3 days. Everything that was brown and decaying is now green and growing . As I observe this wondrous transformation hope is again reawakened within me. When we see loss, death of any living thing we can continue to haveRead more

FOR GIVE NESS (Part 2) and Trust

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In my previous blog I shared some truths that had set my soul/heart free . Jesus said that we must forgive if our Heavenly Father can forgive us. Meaning that we tie HIS hands from healing our wounded hearts/souls as long as we choose to hang on to the hurt and offenses. Whenever we  get toRead more


Greetings Readers, This topic is very near and dear to my heart. Forgiveness has been a major key in my life for a healthy and whole heart. Jesus promised all an abundant life, if we are to experience this abundant life , then our responsibility is to choose and obey GOD’s WORD, and forgive. FatherRead more

The Beautiful Feet

Greetings, In our lives we meet and greet many people, especially in the Funeral business. On a busy day we may be in contact with over 50 people. How we greet and meet others says a lot about our hearts and where we are today in relation to our Heavenly Father. In the forefront ofRead more


Being thankful will lead you forward, or worse yet, towards an un- thankfulness that will lead you backward. The greatest call upon our lives is to Love GOD and love others ! Being thankful definitely helps us to fulfill this high calling. We are not here in this time and place to live for ourselves,Read more

In the Beginning

Greetings! Do  you remember an  experience  in your life that you could recall to the detail, because it made you feel so good in every way?  You were so happy, excited you could hardly stand it?   Or you experienced something that caused a deep wonder and peace in your soul?  I would love toRead more

The Blog!

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Blogging, what is a blog?  As I was searching the  definition of a blog I discovered that a blog is writing down your thoughts, questions and  comments.  This venture has been in my heart  for many months. I even bought a book on how to blog  for less then $5.00 at Barnes and Noble.   IRead more

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