Stephen’s HeartBEAT 4.24.19

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Hello Team,“Is anyone out there?”¬†This question comes to mind from an interesting and humorous film, Julie & Julia, in which the young cooking blogger is struggling with her commitment to fully experience every recipe from a cookbook written by the late Julia Childs in 365 days.¬†( Julie & Julia Movie Trailer (please don’t spend allRead more

Stephen’s Heart Note 4.5.19

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Good Morning Team! Hopefully you have completed or filed you necessary state & federal taxes by today’s deadline to ensure compliance with “rendering unto Ceasar” as we honor the system of government which has established this nation in freedom. I have been in 2 other countries this year where the people have almost no freedomRead more

Heartbeat Note 4.8.19

Good Morning Family, Every day is a blessing, even when we help others face the rampant mortality in our human race. There is always hope, and the light of the sun is permeating the globe even if we struggle to see it at this moment in time. My appreciation is always with each of youRead more